I´m Dr med (MD, PhD) Dorothee Struck, Gynecologist [&] Obstetrician and Doctor of Natural Medicine

One of my passions is  

Hormone-free contraception: do we all fit into one shoe size, ladies? No! Neither does one intrauterine device (IUD), or barrier method like the diaphragm fit´s us all. We offer different sizes and models for various needs. Hormone-free contraception: copper-based IUDs to fit the uterus, with vaginal 3-D ultrasound. We have 11 different IUD´s on the premises and can order more models if necessary, Diaphragms and Caps and natural family planning (NFP) according to the rules of Sensiplan. 

if you want to know more, please visit the homepage of my private practice for women´s health in Kiel, Germany right at the Baltic sea.

Outside of my private practice, I am speaker and author


  • hormone-free [&] healthy contraception

  • recurrent vaginal and bladder infections (can be a side effect of hormonal contraceptives)

  • phytotherapy for female health

  • subfertility

  • and many more...

I am happily married, no kids, a practising Buddhist, a bellydancer, a doctor from my head [&] hippie by heart

*"Moin" is a typical northern German greeting, you will be bound to hear a lot in my office – it encompasses everything from „good morning“ to “good evening” from “Hello” to “Howdy”